Little Buddha Dog
A short love story about a woman's best friend & their last day together

   About Rita Tanos


Rita Tanos is an accomplished and highly-experienced leader in the world of luxury and business leadership sectors with a focus on business & product development, marketing and public relations.  With an outstanding sense of style and the ability to recognize trends, Rita translates them into business opportunities.  

As head of W Magazine in the Western U.S. and Canada, Rita received the "Corporate Award for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement" as Number #1 in the company for more than a decade.  Inspired by beauty and possessing a very keen eye for luxury and the finer details, Rita created a luxury product company with her own brand and designs manufactured in Italy & Paris.  Bellatano Luxury Goods were sold and represented by the top 200+ leading luxury retailers and designer showrooms in the U.S.  After selling her company, Rita became the Associate Publisher of a national affluent home magazine.  With vast experience in marketing, public relations, publishing, and luxury products & services, Rita created Visionary Consulting & PR in response to many requests from friends and associates in the luxury industry.  From small hotels and B&B's, to travel, fashion and lifestyle, they wanted help with their marketing, creative events, and public relations.  With a natural ability to visualize what's possible and co-create with the owners, Visionary Consulting provides solutions and clear objectives of the how to's, from marketing and PR, to design and product development. 

Also a professional writer, Rita's second book is expected to launch in 2015.  For inquiries about speaking engagements, please fill out the contact form and Rita will be in touch with you shortly.  Thank you!
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